Patrick Mason

Backstage at Maison Mason

The Berlin Alternative Fashionweek 2017 took place at Halle am Berghain last Weekend. I had the pleasure to take behind the scene pics of Maison Mason by Designer Patrick Mason. It was super fun being in the middle of his preparations and I am happy to share with you the moments right before the show.

Everyone was a bit hectic, of course, because of the time pressure but excited about the closer coming start of the show, at the same time. The models where talking loudly to one another, they where dancing and making fun and having a good time, while they where getting dressed and styled. Patrick was focused on his work though, but always having a little, warm smile on his face. The vibe behind the scene was focused on the one, playful and exciting on the other hand.

Every model that he selected and every figure that Patrick created, with his looks, was a special character. An unique persona. A small, a very tall, a guy with lots of muscles and another rather ugly type. Then a girl. Lot’s of tattoos next to dark and clean skin. What connected them where the colours and forms of the designs. A characteristic of his line where the high waisted pants for men, as well as the very long belts and the bell-bottoms. The colours where held in beige, khaki, purple and orange.

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