„Everything passes on and becomes something else. Existence is a constant state of change. In a few billion years our own Sun will grow so large that it will engulf our Earth, and then it, too, will eventually transform into something unrecognizable. The nearest galaxy to ours, Andromeda, is on a collision course with the Milky Way. The convergence will change both galaxies completely.
𓐍 It is a gift to be human, right now.“  –  Quote by artist Serpentfire.

The story behind the image: Laura Berger

Laura Berger is one of my current favorite illustrators and artists. Her illustrations tell stories of joy. Through her soft forms and colour compositions her art manages to calm me down, whenever I look at it. Laura Bergers work is about spirituality, inner peace, nature, femininity. I selected three of her artworks and she gave us brief backround stories about them. Click the gallery to read what she has to say about the following illustrations.

For more of Laura Berger’s Art click here. You can shop her prints here.

The story behind the image

The story behind the image is a new row on the blog, in which artists tell us what they want to share about their artworks.

Differently from the rest of the blog, this row will be written in english. I am becoming more and more secure with that whole blogging thing, so I am trying to take a step further and try something new.

We’ll start with Mr. Donald Sanger, a young illustrator whom I found on Instagram. I like his work because he shows big people who are relaxing, having sex, are eating unhealthy. Just as many of us do. He depicts them as normal as everyone else is and does it in a humorous way.

At least that is what I see in his work. You may see irony or criticism, that is what I like about Dons art, too. It allows many ways of reading, although the motives are not abstract. He, in any case, claims that he simply likes to draw big people. Click the gallery and let’s see what he has to tell us about the four illustrations below.

For more of Mr. Donald Sangers art click his tumblr or Instagram

Kunst: Sehen und Gesehenwerden im me Collectors Room

Ich habe letzte Woche meine beste Freundin in Berlin besucht und wir haben es uns richtig gut gehen lassen. Lange gefrühstückt, Second Hand geshopt, Nächte durchgequatscht, im Sisyphos getanzt und noch viel mehr Schabernack getrieben. Mitunter haben wir uns zwei Ausstellungen im me Collectors Room angeguckt, von denen ich euch hier kurz erzählen möchte, da sich ein Besuch dort aus mehreren Gründen lohnt. Weiterlesen